www.prove-bets.com is a registered company offering professional soccer betting advisory (tipping) services. We provide our customers with secure and profitable soccer tips, offering high strike rate and GUARANTEED PROFIT. Every day, we receive confidential inside information from a worldwide partner network, regarding the state of the teams, financial information, team line up, injuries and other factors that affect a team’s performance.

► Taking in mind all the above information, together with other data like statistical analysis and past performance and after an in depth analysis of the matches, our “bet specialists” team of experienced bettors, ex football players and professional sportswriters, choose the most guaranteed HIGH PROFIT soccer tips for our customers.

► All tips that are released from www.prove-bets.com are carefully picked and verified from our “bet specialists” team, providing to our customers high quality services with reliable and accurate soccer tips.

►Our customers create a website for lovers of all types of sports and football analysis types. We offer 24/7 availability for our customers, giving types, opinions and expert advice to our matches. Ensuring that you have the makings of our team is 99.9%, which means that once became our associate who remained forever. In our existing teams have 30 agents in daily negotiations with the leadership of the clubs for their conditions, traditions and current needs, in order to obtain perfect matches. In our existing teams have 30 agents in daily negotiations with the leadership of the clubs for their conditions, traditions and current needs, in order to obtain perfect matches. All interested let us join our team and together we will enjoy and make a living with our extra matches. Our worldwide infrastructure of informants works tirelessly to bring us the most dependable tips that we selflessly share with our most loyal clients, and in turn hope to establish a genuine relationship with you as a customer and friend.


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